Should prom date be boyfriend afterwards?

Im going to prom with a guy friend but a lot of my friends have been pressuring me on what we are going to be after prom. Whether it be dating or repulsed by each other. Meanwhile im just trying to get used to having a date to prom.

  • will prom help decide
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  • or will it make it all confusing
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  • Just have fun, it doesn't have to be so serious.


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  • Well my parents started dating after prom, and eventually got married...

    My female friend started dating the guy she went to homecoming with but they broke up after about a month.

    That's about all I know.


What Girls Said 1

  • I choose neither. I've gone on plenty what would be dates with guy friends or even girlfriend's. Prom or any other dance or even one date does not mean that you should be together. What decided that is how you feel about each other (if anything) and whether you want to be in a relationship with each other.
    Don't let friends or anyone pressure you into dating someone and don't date someone just because they are taking you to prom. You could end up ruining a good friendship permanently for something stupid.
    And with the pressure and everything I would not decide anything right now. go to prom with your friend because even with a friend the night will be great. And if you do think you have feelings for him wait and make sure. like I said good friends are extremely hard to come by so don't accidentally ruin it by jumping into a relationship with him without being 100% sure.