Failed attempts on telling my crush?

I've been trying to tell my crush that I like him for the past week but I've been failing. My plan was to wait after school when we r sitting in the hallway alone but he's either not been there, walks by surrounded by friends, or there were too many people around. Any advice?

Guys please help!!! I have to make another attempt for tomorrow and this needs to go well😁 PLEASE!
Points to know:
-I've never talked to him b4
-We used to hate each other three years ago
-He thinks I'm dating another guy (I am not)
-He's a popular jock always surrounded by friends who r jerks by the way
-He's sort of quiet mannered unless he's with friends
- I only wanna talk to him when we r alone
- we don't have any mutual friends
- I hav a guy friend willing to help me but he's not great friends with my crush so that'd be awkward to just start mentioning me


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  • You'll have to get him alone, so either ask him if you can talk to him or wait until you are sitting in the hallway alone.

    • Won't it give it away if I ask to talk to him alone? He's never not with his friends so it's really hard and some of his friends are asses so I will never here the end of it if this goes badly

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    • Sounds like the perfect opportunity to talk to him then.

    • Yea but he always walks in the hallway with his friends so it's not common that he's just sitting there

  • have you thought about writing a letter and giving it to him?

    • I thought about doing a letter and putting it in his locker but he never goes there and I don't have the guts to just go up to him and hand him it

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    • I don't but I don't think he feels that way

    • there's only one way to find out for sure if he likes you or not.
      maybe you can ask him just to hang out some time?

  • Don't worry about his friends and other people and don't worry about what time you do it

    • So? What should I do?

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    • Oh okay well if I see him alone over the weekend it would be better but nevertheless do it Monday

    • Seeing him this weekend is not likely but the thing is this upcoming Friday I already promised another guy that I'd dance with him at cotillion. If my crush says he likes me should I call it off? Also if he says he doesn't like me should I still call the dance off?

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  • girl, happens to me all the timeee!! ugh! Ok, so you probably don't want to be too overbearing because if you've been bottling up these feelings for this person for such a long time and trying to express that without making them think that you're completely obsessed can be hard. I'd say that if you talk to him a lot, he probably knows to some extent, we can't really hide it that well. the other guy is right, you NEED to get him alone. Maybe find him in the hall on the way to class and tell him even if you're not going to the same place. BE LIGHTHEARTED. don't get too deep, smile a lot and keep it quick and simple. Plus if it's quick and simple, he may be like "Wait that's IT? You're going to tell me you like me then walk away?" He'll come back for more. But honestly, chances are, he probably knows, but confirmation is always a good thing. So, it won't be that much of a shock. I wouldn't show up at his house or anything uness you're really good friends. To be completely frank, you may need to stalk a little in order to find some way to get him alone, know his class schedule and such. We all do it, just don't tell him that. It may be helpful to know where you see each other

    • Believe me I know his whereabouts and classes r really close together so that wouldn't work cuz there r like a billion people in the halls and I want it to be private. Also I'm just telling him I like him so since he's quiet do I wait for a response or just immediately ask him to hang out

    • wait for a response i'd say and just pull him aside, say: I want to talk to you about something. Make it seem really important, and he'll be curious at the very least

    • Okay but I'm soooo nervous. What if he says he doesn't like me?