Ladies: A Guy Who Can "Hold A Conversation"?

When I go out on dates with women, I am a gentlemen and I try to be engaging and also listen to my date... but they never seem to want to go on a 2nd date with me.

I am a little shy, and perhaps my social skills need polishing.

When I talk to women, they say they want a man who can hold a conversation?

That is kind of vague. What do you mean when you say this?


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  • It's basically when you can make a conversation out of anything. I mean, if you ask her something, don't just end the convo there, but keep going, let it flow, so you'll probably end up talking about something totally different from what you started talking about, but the transition was smooth, it wasn't forced.
    You shouldn't seem like you're interrogating her, it has to have flow. Talk about anything you want, but be careful to not hit any red buttons, there are some topics you better not touch on a first date.


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  • Um... it's pretty self explanatory. Someone they can connect with verbally? Talk to normally? No awkward silences and stuff.

  • Well i don't want someone to think "i have to be able to keep the conversation going" i just want it to be natural and if there is silence, let it be a natural and comfortable silence. I don't have to be talking all the time and personally do not like small talk anyways. If there is something you want to say, say it and just have fun. I love funny guys and just for them to be their true selves. If i can sense the tention i would most likely not have the most fun i could either while talking to a guy i am interested in.

    • I've been on 13 dates and they all ended the same way (with the woman deciding not to talk to me anymore).

      What if my conversation is just so bad or that I am just so boring... that I am not compatible with any woman?

    • Well are you a generally boring person? I don't think women usually like boring people. I like a confident, weird, and funny guy. So to me if a guy thinks he is funny, he therefor is funny. Maybe you need to beleive in yourself more. Or maybe you are just a boring person. Not nesecarily bad..

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  • PRO TIP people love when someone can/will show emotions (When talking) ^^ I'm the type of guy that is really animated while talking, for the most part. So not only are they going to naturally laugh BUT be more interested in keeping the convo going which = no dull/boring moments ^^

    Hell before not too long, they are going to feel comfortable around you and "chip in more/be themselves". Once they feel that they have nothing to hide the convo should just flow LOL

    • Just like a pitcher in the Major leagues, the moment that they SETTLE down is the moment that everything just flows for them. While they are out there doing what they do best which is pitching. In this case it would be you/her just being y'allselves ^^

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    • Well he could still use it with the tunnel vision I suppose it would just be risky as hell lol but then again I'm certain he made other variations of it that eliminated the problem.

    • @Phoneix98 i think you're talking about that WOLF shaped lighting attack of his ^^. If so you're right ^^

  • Find common ground in the conversation.

  • they will be comfortable with you when you're comfortable with yourself.

    also, express passion and assurance in yoruself.

    i think they want someone that can relate or have an opinion on the topic at hand?