I can't stop staring at butts?

I play volleyball so the girls run around in their spandex and such and I can't not look. When girls or boys walk by I slmetimes just end up staring by accident. I'm not bi but does anyone else get this?


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  • I used to play men/boys club volleyball. once in a while though we would run tournaments for the girls part of the club, there were a lot of girls with nice butts lol, and all wearing those spandex shorts. sometimes more fun to watch the waist then the play.

    I don't give any thought to guys at all, that's for sure lol. but when girls have good features on every side, their hair could look good, their side profile could look good, front back, legs, whatever, maybe not their running shoes lol but girls can usually make everything look good, head to toe.


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  • its ok lol. I hear that a lot of girls like guys butts and I am pretty sure they can like girls butts too cause why not?


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