Would a girl still agree to dates even if she's lost interest?

I met this girl about a month ago. We've been on 4 dates. The first three were cool: got somewhat sexual after the first (heavy makeouts). Mind you each one of them involved alcohol.

The 4th was ok, it kind of fizzled out towards the end.

I asked her out again after that and she agreed to meet (I didn't think she would). So this is date 4.5 and she felt distant in this one though in a sense. It was rather short, however, as we both had to work. So it was more a brief walk/meetup.

She never really initiated texting (literally maybe 1-3 "hi's"), suggested date ideas, etc. this whole time. And her responses are sometimes cool, but the conversations end quick. And I get it, we're all busy, texting lacks emotion. I don't mind all that, but I'm used to having women text me (not profusely) enough where I would apply the brakes.

Side note: She did mention a past relationship/thing that obviously didn't go well (drunk though).

She's going away for a week or so. I told her to hit me up when she gets back. I'm chilling out with contacting her. I honestly doubt she'll reach out.

My thing is, I got this sense after date 3. But would a girl accept dates even if she's not interested?

I hate being hung up on one girl, but I also hate losing. What do you all think?

Man i hate alcohol sometimes.

Should I ask her if we should continue? or let it just fizzle apart, unless she hits me up?


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  • She could be unsure just how interested she is maybe? You'll know in a week I guess

    • Haha yea, you're right. My competitive nature just gets the best of me sometimes.

    • I'm the same, when something seems out of reach, I just want it more..
      Chin up mate, time will show

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  • if she lost interest... chances are... nah, she'd not

    • Mannnnn I'd be more mad at myself for letting it happen. Already kind of feel like wasted time. And I find wasting time is worse than wasting money. You can't get it back.