What is this feeling?

What are these feelings?
So its probably going to be difficult to answer completely right because your answers will be based off what I say but all answers welcome!!!
Extra info.. I'm 17 and in last year of high school.

So basically there's this guy. And I've known him my whole life. We would talk and tease each other and he would laugh at my funny failures especially in sport until we both had tears of laughter. Anyway he left at the start of last year to go to Australia because he is out of highschool and had a scholarship and he's working on medicine etc. Even though he was gone all year (my yr 12) my feelings didn't change and if anything they grew.. when he came back at the end of last year. there was so much to catch up on! And it felt normal again and I was so happy. He left at the very end of December last year and I just feel so strongly but I don't want to tell him yet I'm not sure how he would react. I've felt this way for 4 years now (but known him my whole life) and it started as a crush. with me doing the most obscure things to get his attention. Over the years however I began just feeling serenly happy. I no longer saw him as being perfect he has flaws... but I still love those flaws. Unfortunately for me it feels like unrequited love and I have no idea if the feelings are reciprocated because he doesn't know.. basically what I was meaning to ask is.. is this a crush or something more.. to me it defiantly feels like more and has for awhile but its good to get peoples opinions. Obviously there's along I've missed out but basically he would. Tease me. joke around.. and be serious with me.. he's also gone far enough to joke about my future husband... whoever that may be... but he doesn't know my feelings and the only time I see him is at Christmas.. I still get butterflies now and again if me and someone talk about him... And other times I miss him so much.


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  • It is "SOMETHING MORE" but if you won't act soon it's gonna hurt like hell


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