Breaking Bad: Breaking Glasses When I Think of A Certain Person?

Hi. I am experiencing a weird situation for the past couple of months and it's really freaking me out. The thing is, there is this guy that I really, really like but he doesn't know of course since we just met online. However, I believe we've been talking through Skype for almost 7 months though not every single day but usually we have a constant communication. But things changed when he graduated from college and got a job. Our communication became less constant but I am fine with it since I am trying to understand the situation (of him having a new job and adjustments) Anyway, I have realized that I am really starting to like him even more despite the fact that we don't talk almost everyday like we used to. However, I have noticed that everytime I think about him or I suddenly remembered our conversations (decently clean yet silly and sweet) I keep on breaking a glass or two. And it is really annoying and frustrating at the same time. Is there some kind of explanation for this? Even superstition explanation is welcome. I just really want to get some opinions about this matter.


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  • I t means you are so lost in thought about him you don't pay attention to your surroundings.

    Not healthy, you know, to get THAT involved with someone you have never met!
    I'd say, get off the computer and out where you can meet REAL people!!!

    • hahahahahaha. Your reply really puts smile on my face :) But you got it wrong :) I don't really use computers and internet that much. And yes, I have met other guys too in real life, if that's what you mean :D It's just that this certain guy is really special. Of course I am aware of the present situation and I am not expecting anything. I was just freaked out since it happened again this morning while I was doing dishes. Hahahaha. But, thank you :)

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