Is he really a BAD TEXTER? Post first date confusion?

So I had my first date with this guy on Tuesday, he's only got this week off work so we planned just to have coffee as he had a load of stuff to get done.
We have coffee, it's absolutely great. We end up being the last in the cafe as it's closing and decide to wander round town for a little bit. I was making my way to my car, assuming after being there for 4 hours, that he had to get back.

He turns around and asks if I want to get dinner instead of going home, we were really getting on and I was loving his company so I agreed. We then spent all night in the restaurant and ended up leaving about midnight when they were shutting down too.
I thought this was all a really good sign, he had the perfect excuse to leave at any point but HE suggested extending the date.
Now, when i first started talking to this guy I was aware he was a... slow texter, it was annoying waiting 3-4 hours for a reply and I joked with him about this over dinner. He said it always got him into trouble with family and friends as he could soemtimes take days to reply.

At the end of the night he kisses me goodbye, walks me to my car and says he had a really fun time with me and said you have my number so text me if you wanna do it again sometime.
When I get home I realise that the bill for dinner never came to the table, so i waited a day and a bit to text him "Hey, just realised... did we skip out of the bill on tuesday?" he replied in 5 hours, "haha no, don't worry i took care of it before we left x"
I was out with friends at this point so didn't reply until like 1am when I got home, thanking him, saying I had a great time and said would he like to do it again sometime?

It has now been a whole day and I've not received a reply.
I'm not sure if i'm being overparanoid and silly when he's already explained how bad he is at texting. But surely if he liked me, wouldn't you reply sooner than that? How long do I wait?

I'm so confused!


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  • He was clear from the beginning that he takes a long time to text back.
    So you got to either accept it, or tell him you can't deal with it and move on.

    There's also a chance that he's lying about it. But I only time would tell.


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  • Send a text. Wait 10 minutes. If no reply then assume he had a fall and cannot get up. Call 911 to do a welfare check on him.

    Or call him. He specifically told you it sometimes takes 5 days to return a family member's text. I, for one, hate texting. It is hard for me to hit the letter I want on a touch screen keypad and I often have to backspace and retype.

  • Can you update? Had a similar thing. Asked this girl out after meeting her and talking for two hours, she said yes and seemed happy. I texted her and it took her two days to reply saying sorry she was busy because she just started her new semester and is also working. We went on the date this morning (only an hour long because she had work) and I thought we had a good time, no awkward silences and we were both laughing for most of it. At the end of the date I asked if she wanted to do something again next weekend and she said maybe but isn't sure bc she's so busy. I mentioned hiking and she got really excited about it and said that sounds like a lot of fun. We still didn't plan it though because she said she wasn't sure bc she was busy. We hugged (no kiss since I droped her off at her work) and right after I left I texted her I had a good time and talk soon. That was this morning and it's midnight now and she never replied back :(. Not sure if she's not interested or just a terrible texter.


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