Why did my bf say this but with his last relationship it was the opposite?

I worry that my bf will cheat on me. I have been cheated on by past bfs and I'm worried it is gonna happen again. He gets mad cuz I ask him more Then I should if he has ever cheated. This was when he was still in high school but he cheated on his gf with his ex gf. He said he did it because he was still in love with her. He never told his gf she found out from his friend.
BUT IM CONFUSED ABOUT THIS PART... he said if he wanted to cheat on me he would and, he wouldn't be with me cuz he would cheat on someone with whom he wanted to, be with. But then why did he cheat on his ex gf with his previous x gf before them?


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  • You are worrying too much. It tells me that you do not trust him. It tells me that you need to move on.


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