Ready to get married? Will you wait to propose to get the timing right? If you are being asked, will are you hinting because you want to make sure?

Are you ready to get married? If so and you plan to propose, are you waiting to get the timing right? If you are the one to be proposed to, have you been making your long term feelings known? How soon into your relationship were you when you realized you were ready to commit to them?


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  • We talk about marriage sometimes. He knows how important it is for me to be married before I have children. And he calls me by his last name all the time. I just don't know when it's going to happen.
    We are still trying to get our relationship from LDR to a living in one apartment together.

    • It's interesting, some tend to want to commit early and others have a hard time doing it at all. It sounds like you are on a positive path though.

    • Well the "pressure" is there because he wants kids too and he doesn't want to be "too old" when he has them. I'm 23 years old so I have time, he is 34 so he thinks about it more often. But he knows that if I'm not married we will stay where we are now.

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  • I think I'm ready to get married. I think it's only a matter of timing. I'm not no rush though and I don't even bother making suggestions on the matter. Go with the flow. I'll probably ask myself again when I'm 25.

    • Good for you. No reason to rush. My observation when not in a relationship is that you need to spend time together - one or two years, perhaps. If the relationship can't last that long before marriage, how will it last after being married. When I'm with someone I love, however, it's hard not to want to be there.

  • I wouldn't wait. If he doesn't ask when I'm ready, I will.


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