Why would she not reply after I told her I liked her pic?

I was Whatsapp'ing a girl throughout the day, the day before. She then replies early the next morning at around 7am (figured she went to sleep early the night before), then I reply at 11 with a follow up comment and a "I like your pic". She then doesn't respond. Was it just a dead end convo? I realize I was making a statement and not asking a question, but even still, don't you usually say thanks after someone complements you? We have only been texting for like 3 days now, so i am not worried about constantly being in contact with her. I have not called or talked over the phone with her as of yet. Girls/guys any ideas?

FYI we have been able to talk properly together and decently, we were both impressed. Could it be that she not comfortable or believe in the compliment i gave her?


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  • I don't think it has anything to do with the nature of the compliment. She probably can't think of anything useful to say to you. She doesn't sound like she's that interested because of her late text anyway. I'd move on.

    • It wasn't really a late text.. We were talking up until 10.30 pm and I guess she fell asleep and replied early in the morning... IS saying something like "I like your pic" to forward? Even if i ment it in a friendly way?

    • No I wouldn't think so. It's a pretty innocent compliment.

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  • you're done already.. showing to much interest on her.. will lose her interest on you..

    • How is saying "I like your pic" Showing too much interest? It's a compliment/statement