A levels/Sixth form/year 12 or whatever u call it?

When you go to a different college/sixth form, is it easy to make friends or find a boyfriend? Just wondering


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  • when u go to a new school, easiest way to make new friends is dress with half ur shit hanging out ;). but seriously. make friends being who u are or u will just be miserable anyway. i myself keep almost not friends as no adays they are all leeches. if u move, just be urself and in time people will find u.


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  • It is easy, you're at that stage where petty school feuds between students go.
    I have friends who joined new Sixth forms and made friends right away.
    Likewise with me. I'm at College and I made like 30 new friends there. c:

    • Yeah I'm joining a college I'm a bit nervous about meeting and not liking people in my classes haha, I hope I do too!

    • Where are you from, and what are you studying? c:
      I can give an insight into this stuff considering I've been at my College for 3 years c:

    • I'll message you!

  • I went to college to do A levels, worst time of my life. I fucked off university because I decided kids in their late teens/early 20's are too irritating to be around. Went straight to work and after a brief period in the service industry (full of stupid, petty failures) I ended up in corporate finance, it's soulless but at least it pays well and the dickhead interns know their place, those bitches make the tea! lmao

    • Aw that's a shame! Glad you're okay now I guess? haha

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  • A levels? Isn't that a British equivalent of high school?

    • No it is the International equivalent of AP

    • The British education system is used in many countries and is the international standard.

    • We leave high school at 16. Then for 2 year's we choose whether to do A Levels (Choosing 4 subjects to specialize in) Or for those 2 years you can do an apprenticeship or course.