What is a good present for a 3 month anniversary?

So my girlfriend and I are about to make 3 months soon and I wanna get her something special she likes piercings so I thought I'd get her a bullet earring that cost like 70 bucks I showed it to her and she said she likes it (trying to be sneaky so she doesn't think I'm getting it ) but I don't really know if it is a good present for something like this anyone have an idea of what I should get


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  • That's a really sweet gesture. I think she would like it a lot.

    • Especially if she likes piercings I'm getting a vibe that she is pretty different. (those bullet earrings look pretty alternative)

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  • When did people start celebrating 3 month anniversaries?

    • It's something I do I skip a month so I got something for her our 1st month, nothing on the 2nd month and now the 3rd I give her something so on and so on

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