How to make her understand without losing her?

Im' in Long distance relationship with this girl since a year, our age is 16 nd 17,
since a week she's forcing me to update a relation status on Facebook, maybe she doubt my faithfulness, but im avoiding to do it cuz i goto college nd my teachers are in my fb, im shame tht they'll see it nd later if i got bad grades, they may even complain my parents that its cuz of relation, nd it may make my parents go against my relation

im trying to make her undrstnd tht i can't update but she say tht if i didn't update, this relation will over, im loyal to her but she want me to do what i can't, she jus now, said tht i've tym of jus 1 day,

But I cant! :( what should i do? Please help! I dnt wana lose her

I dnt want my image to get bad in my college since im one of best students for my teachers


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  • The fact that she cares that much about you updating some shit on Facebook, is just stupid. Tell her it's just Facebook, and to just relax.

    • I guess she doubts my faithfulness nd wana show to world that im hers

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    • Okk man! I trust you,
      thankyou so much for help

    • No problem bud

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  • I can't believe no one answered this yet but just try to explain why you can't instead of just saying you can't. Also, I really wouldn't worry too much about your teacher and parents worrying about it. Also, just try not to let your grades slip and then they won't have anything to worry about. However, if your grades are already slipping, then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship at this moment

    • I had tried a lot to make her undrstnd that why i can't, but she said, you've 1 day,

      my grades aren't slipping but my teachers nd parents will blame my gf for any change in me nd i dnt want it happen

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    • Yes, if you truly like her. But if you could live without her, maybe now is the time

    • I truly love her,

      i hope, my image dnt get bad in college

  • So your teachers won't see.
    Thats a bssssss excuse. How about just do good in school? You're 18. Really.

    • I do best in school, one of the toppers, but i dnt want my image to get bad in my teachers

  • Tell her that

  • you're teachers aren't going to blame your grades on your relationship. they aren't going to call your parents and tell them that your grades are bad because of your relationship.
    you're being paranoid. i bet tons of other people in your class have a bf/gf they're not going to care they have much more important things to worry about than your relationship status. and if your grades slip they aren't going to blame her they're going to blame you.

    • It wouldn't spoil my image in teacher's views?
      Nd hows if my parents blame her for slipping grades of me?

  • You can set your relationship status to private?

    • She doubt my faithfulness, even Im faithful, nd thats why she want to show world that im hers, so can't put any privacy

  • If she loves you, she'll accept your decision.

    • If she dnt accept my decision, it means she dnt love me?

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