Question regarding women and their images: Would you prefer a woman to be a?

Well-Rounded woman (beautiful and feminine-looking but at the same time, has enough intelligence and maturity to hold herself responsible for her own actions, not pull the gender card to cop herself out of responsibility and clearly knows between right and wrong by how well she behaves), a Typical Girly Girl (Who falls under the old school stereotype of what a woman should typically look like and behave such as being weak, delicate, submissive and dumb and relies on their men for the majority of their problems, such as their fathers, husbands, older brothers, etc.) or the Dominant/Domineering-type (Who claims to be for "Equality" but really wants to have her own cake and eat it too by claiming that "women are stronger" yet pulls "You can't hurt me, I'm a girl" card when things don't go their way. She's very condescending towards other men and sometimes women. She also secretly hates men and appears to have some biased agenda regarding them and will even rely on a man to use as a pawn for her plans)?

Ladies, you can also answer this question too if you like, even though this questions seems to be aimed at mostly men?

  • Well-Rounded
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  • Typical Girly Girl
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  • Domineering/Condescendingly Dominant
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  • Question regarding women and their images: Would you prefer a woman to be a?
    C. Domineering/Condescendingly Dominant

    I chose this as I'm for evening the ground and I find most guys to be a male version of C.

    They claim to be for equality but really want to have their cake and eat it too since equality is only when it comes to hitting gals or splitting the bill. They pull the gender card to cop themselves out of responsibility ala boys will be boys and slut/stud double standard. They seemingly do not know right from wrong via the rape apologisting and victim-blaming/shaming. They claim 'equal accountability/responsibility for the same act' yet pulls the slut/stud double standard because things must only go their way. Very condescending towards other gals (commonplace to refer to gals as b*tches) and sometimes guys calling them manginas/pussies/simps/white knights. They seemingly hate gals and appear to have some biased agenda regarding them but still wish to f*ck them and use them as sexual objects for his desire.

    If this was an ideal world... like my view on Sweden/Europe I'd chose A... but I'm in America so C it is.

  • So you made one perfect. One completely negative and one slightly negative. Oh god I wonder which one guys will chose

    • The majority of guys that I've encountered on the internet apparently don't give a damn about how much of a bitch a woman could be, as long as she's attractive and they can fuck her.

    • But you didn't mention her attractiveness at all. You only mentioned looks for the first two. So most men will paint a mental picture of a rude, demanding, uptight, mainly, unattractive, butch woman

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