Cute thing to say to girl im seeing?

We have been on two dates and really hit it off. I want something just nice to say or text that isn't too clingy but still would make her smile.


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  • Well that's kind of personal, and since I don't know you or her personally I can not suggest general advice which would be to say how she makes you feel when you're around her or compliment her. You can never really go wrong with a compliment. Just be genuine and tell her you really enjoyed the pat two dates or that you really like spending time with her :)


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  • "Hey beautiful"
    "Whatcha doing gorgeous?"
    "Why are you so beautiful?"
    "How come your so amzaing?"
    Just use compliments or google pick up lines lol

  • My bf texted ne a picture that said something like I hope you smile when you see my texts , like I do yours. Or something like that. It was super cute


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