PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! Does my boyfriend like all these girls or am I just overreacting?

I'm not usually the jealous type but I really want to know!! by the way all these girls are close friends with me

Girl 1: Before we dated he said he liked her but she didn't want to be with him. They used to date and when we were having a sleepover all she talked about was when they dated. They also spend a lot of time together.

Girl 2: his most recent ex and he was absolutely head over feet in love with her. She broke up with him. I noticed that he still compliments her and gets really touchy (not in an inappropriate way though)

Girl 3: She is my best friend and told me she likes him a tiny bit. They talk and hang out like him and I used to before we dated when we were friends. This ones really sad because it happens in front of me every day and it makes me feel like I should have never gone out with him.

Girl 1 also tries to flirt when I'm not around. Great friend huh?
Girl 3 is a very close friend and my bf is known for hopping between girls all the time.


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  • it seems like they all like each other. tell your best friend how you feel, tell her that he's your boyfriend and she should back off a little, ie. don't hang out with him.
    and tell him how you feel, tell him you think he's too flirty with girlB and that you don't want him hanging out with them. especially when you're not around. I'd he doesn't wanna do that you might think about doing him. if you're not all he wants he doesn't need to be dragging you down.


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  • Sorry but it sounds like not only does he like them but they all like him too