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I'm not sure what has changed. Through out the years I have got in good and bad relationships. I also have met lots of girls and dated a lot. This past year has been strange for me. A little background about myself I am 23 and currently work in the oilfields. I was in the service 6 years. I have always been kind of a smart ass but I am a really nice person. It is easy for me to talk to people. Maybe it's only the way I see it but it seems when i do talk to people I can relate and talk a good bit. Sense i got out of the service which is about a year now i have gained maybe 10-15 pounds and i grew a beard lol that is app that changed. Because I work so much i have tried this online stuff. I never in my life have had a hard time meeting girls. But now I feel like I just don't get it. I most definitely am not cocky but I have dated some very attractive woman. I feel like no matter good my intentions are or what I say attractive girls will not respond. I don't mean to sound shallow but I do have standards. I don't only look for looks by any means although most people will agree you have to be attracted to the other person you are looking to build a relationship. Honestly this might sound stupid but it has affected my confidence a little. Yea i need to get back in a little better shape. But i really don't feel like that should matter. I have dated one girl in the past year and she was crazy as hell. So that didn't last long. Does anyone have any advice or anything? Is it me? When I say i work a lot i mean I work a lot.


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  • Maybe lose those 10lbs you gain and cut the beard and your good!


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