Is he really gonna call?

So my boyfriend broke up with me and broke my heart.He ignored all my calls and text which was a big mistake on my part.I finally got my aunt to talk to him he said he can't rust me but I swear I have never cheated on him .SO she said she really wished he would at least call me he said he probably would do that if I left him a lone for a while. so do you think is is really gonna call and what can I do to make him trust me I would do anything! Please anything helps


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  • Definitely chill on him.

    The whole "I don't trust you" thing is just an excuse, unless you can reflect on certain instances that you can label you as untrustworthy.

    Don't call him, or text him anymore! Patience is a discipline that you must follow.

    If you truly want to be back with him, then a few days or weeks is totally worth it, right?

    I'm sure there must have been a precursor to him breaking up with you that can explain how he's feeling.

    If this breakup happened just out of nowhere, then sorry to say, it's probably another chick.

    Just be patient and things will come full circle. good luck ;)

    • Guys were textin my phone a lot but it was all friendly convo nothing wrong...and friday night I went to a football game he thought I said I would be home at 10 but I said the game endds at 10 so he said he broke up with me because of that and the guy txt me and MySpace but what can I do to ake him trust me do you still think its another girl

    • Well that explains a lot. If texting other guys in front of him bothers him, then show him the respect of not doing it. If you are texting dudes back and forth, delete them from your phone after your done so he's not left wondering. He seems very sensitive, but if you really care for, understand his insecurities and help him understand how much you care for him. and no, after your explanation, it's probably not another chick.

    • Okay well I'm tryin to leave him alone but I would like him to know that if he would get bak with me I would change my # and everythin I would not talk to any guys for that matter because he is the only one I want I would do anythin those guys didn't matter to me I want him to know that but I don't wanna bother him by txtin him to tell him that should I just not say anything.....and in the mean time I'm scared he will meet someone else

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  • just don't call him when he's ready hell call u

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