I was nervous. and asked a girl out?

I was nervous. and asked a girl out. I haven't heard anything back yet. I was just interested in opinions on why this may happen?


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  • Maybe she's playing hard to get and pretending she's not all that into you.

    So like when you asked her out she was probably like: "let me check my schedule"

    And then she's like: "sorry Im busy how about 2 days from now."

    I think this is what is going on.


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  • Well I know when i got asked out it took me about an hour to respond because I was nervous and freaking out. I was frantically texting my best friends asking for advice on what to do and what to say. It is a girl thing, we always take forever to think about things like this. Just stay calm man.

    • Haha I'm staying calm. although. I would like to know soon. so I can not start/start planning some ideas :)

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  • Well did you ask her out in person, through a text, phone call etc?

    • Through a text dude. it's new for me.

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    • Yesterday

    • Hmmm hard to say why she hasn't at least acknowledged the text, it's possibly she is thinking it over.