Not interested in a relationship?

I asked a girl out that I didn't really know and she said she would love to. I was fairly certain that I made it clear it was a date.

So after discussing when and where, she tells me that she feels that we are about to go on a date and that she should tell me that she isn't interested in a relationship right now (which she repeated twice). However, she said that she felt that we should still hangout bc she wants to get to know me better.

I know that she is basically saying that she is not interested in a relationship with me and is basically letting me off easy but I guess i would love it if I could get further input.

What prompted the sudden change because I was pretty clear from day one that it was a date?

Should I still pick up the bill? I am fine with paying for the date bc it isn't gonna be much tbh but would it make her feel awkward?

I just have so many questions and I guess I would love it if I could get you guys to tell me how you interpret the situation and how you would progress from here.



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  • 1. You barley knew her, so I am guessing she barley knew you. She just wants to get to know you better, see if the relasonship would work out or not
    2. She said it twice because she wanted you to understand that.
    3. Ths doesn't mean she doesn't want to be in a relasonship with you. She is just being careful.
    4. It wouldn't be awkward if you paid. She'll argue, but pay it anyway.

    • 1. Haha Well Thats pretty much a given! A first date is to get to know someone and I wasn't really asking for a relationship. It takes many, many, many dates before 2 people decide they are ready for a relationship. The only time this probably doesn't apply to is if the two individuals are friends already.

      So yea, tbh, I wasn't really asking to start a relationship.

      2. Makes sense. I find it hard to understand how a girls mind works so I was curious if there was some significance to having the line repeated twice in the same paragraph.

      4. Haha alright

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