I am attracted to a physicians assistant I take my mom to. He has flirted with me. I want to ask him out. How do I approach him?

I called him acting like I just wanted medical information but hinted at more personal things like asking if he was almost done with his day but he remained professional, I know he's interested for sure.

It's hard because I was faithfully married for 10 years. Not quite sure how to go about it.


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  • Stalk him and find out where he goes shopping and then "accidentally" bump into him one day.

    If you're not comfortable with stalking him yourself, hire a private eye.

  • Just go for it, you can be blunt these days no need to "beat around the bush".

    • Good point! Thank you! I am NOT letting him slip away! I guess I have to follow him out of the examining room and tell him to call/ text me and I want to go out with him! This guys worth the ultimate rejection!

    • Hell yeah! Get some girl! Rock on with your bad self!

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