As an unexperienced girl, how do I know what to expect while dating and am I expecting too much?

im in this situation where im seeing this guy, or at least i think i am. We met just over two weeks ago, we both liked one and other straight away, and we have been talking pretty much for two weeks now including hanging out twice. The first week he showed a lot of interest and it was obvious that he wasn't just looking for sex. But the week after he change behavior and now he only write to me late at night (11-12 pm) while before he would write to me around 7-8pm. The things we talk about has changed too (ofc i guess its a two way street), before he would joke a lot and tried to keep the convo going, but now it's basically "shallow" things and he rarely keeps the convo going.
I dont get what i have done wrong... i know that i might not have showed so much interest, but not because im not interest, but because im very insecure and inexperienced. BUT he doesn't know this... and im planning to tell him when he comes back from his trip (school trip to Finland) .. But then again i dont want to waist time or energy if he has already lost interest in me..
And on top of that i have no experience so i dont know if im expecting too much or if im putting up with to much etc..


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  • How old are you? Who asked for whos #? Who initiates the conversation first most of the time? Does he compliment you? What did you guys do when you did hangout? Was it one on one or with a group of friends? ... lol all these things should be taken into account

    • well im 20, we dont have each other's number, we have been talking to each other over Facebook, i added him on Facebook but he start our first convo, In general he starts the convos most of the times, he compliments me, but its complements like "i like hanging out with you", "you are cute when you smile", he complements much more often on behavior then looks, the first time we hung out i invited him to join me and my sister (she was visiting from out of town) at a bar, the second time he came over and we watch a film and cuddled (only us)

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    • i know.. if i dont practise or start now ill never get use to or get better at it...

    • Exactly :) worry less girl :)