How much should I wait for the 2nd date after a great first date. He hasn't called/texted in a week. Is he still interested or should I move on?

If you have had a great first date where this guy whom u had met through a dating site, told you that he thinks you are hot and mentioned it on the date itself that he was having a great time with you and asked you if you were single, drops u back home, called up after reaching back. He was totally into you. But next day, there is no initiation from his side. He keeps busy, so when u ask him to call up, he would for sure call as soon as he is out of the office. This happens for 4 days and then you cut the contact totally for a week as in nothing-no texts and no calls but the guy hasn’t called or texted you at all. Should I be contacting him and see how he responds. Yes, he is really busy with work too but seriously a week has passed. Should I move on?

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  • wtf is it with girls expecting guys to do everything?

    Just call him allready! Is it not your own goddamned job to take responsibility for yourself and what you want?

    "Stop waiting for prince charming. Get up and find him, the poor guy might be stick in a tree or something"
    (seriously though, nothing comes for free, and you will have more luck taking initiative than to be that girl who never takes initiative)

    • I appreciate what you are saying. Thanks :)

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    • Okay.. so here's the thing, I contacted him last Sunday in the morning, aske dhim how he was and stuff. He told me that he had plans with his relatives in the evening and also mentioned that he met some known (family people) n unknown people over dinner on Saturday. He said let's make plans for the next weekend. so I asked him if he would be calling me up or I would have to contact him, he said anybody can do that. Then I connected with him Tuesday n asked if he is free on Sat, he said that let's connect on Fri. On Fri, he said that he has work tomorrow and that it won't be possible an dthen he was asking me about my exam and wished me luck for my show. He told me that he is keeping very busy and he would be like this in April also but said that he would make time. One thing, he does keep busy, even when we were meeting for the first time, he postponed it to Sat from Fri because he couldn't get free on Fri.

    • I want to know if he really wants to meet but is busy but can't say no to me out of courtesy. He never ditches my calls or texts. He was even concerned if I am catching up on sleep since I am being very busy. And he said that he would make time even though April would also be busy for him. so, what should I do now, text him how my weekend went or just move on because he doesn't want to meet!

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  • I think we guys, majority of us at least, are not generally very patient beings when it comes to girls we like. We want it all, now, not next week :) of course some of us maybe wait a day or two so we don't make an impression that we are hopeless, but one week is just too much. I say move on, this guy is probably not into you.

  • contact himm... he might forgot you i assume... :-/

  • Just contact him, put yourself out there..
    Whether good or bad, you get your answer.

    • should i? why did he make me feel so special if he wasn't into me is that I am wondering!

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    • I used Australian slang sorry.. chipping away = persist..
      I believe him, I think he is genuinely very busy, if you have the patience go for it !

    • thank you.. yes, I have patience.. I just hope he's worth it!

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