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Okay! So the guy I like is bi-polar. Is that doable in a relationship! Like how hard is it? Some people tell me to stay away from bi-polar people! But, if you're in love! You can make it work right? Please help! Like what to expect, exactly what is bi-polar, are you really mean? Because I heard you are either really happy or really sad.

Please help.
Other options would be great! :)


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  • I would move on. You do not even know what it is... So i think that it would be best to move on. He is going to need professional help for the rest of his life. And he is going to need a very very strong support system. depending upon the severity of it, the person who marries him could spend most of their life dealing with his issues, rather than growing as a couple. Yes it is doable, but it is starting out with a heavy burden. And again as you are not even sure what it is at this point, I would advise you to move on.

    • Telling me to stay away/move on from someone who I truly like! Is a bit much I think!! Yes! It might be a burden! But, If you truly love someone you make sacrifices for them! It not that I don't know what it is! I know it's mood swings! A Chemical imbalance! There just like any other person in the world! Who needs someone to talk to a shoulder to cry on every once in awhile! And just because I really no nothing about being bi-polar doesn't mean I can't learn!

    • You can down vote me if you want. I didn't say they don't need love or whatever... Why are you asking since clearly you have made up you mind that you can save him. And that is very admirable. But you may as i said spend your whole life saving him and doing nothing more. That said, I really do wish you well with it if that is the path you choose.

      Just keep in mind if almost everyone is warning you... there is a reason.

      Lastly i never said walking away was easy. I never said that in any way shape or form... so yes walking away is a bit much, but sometimes that is the right thing to do. Best wishes.

    • Thank you do your response! I don't know what I'm going to do! Nothing has happened yet! With this guy! I just wanted people's opinions. I know either if something does happen and i do get in a relationship with him, or if I end up just walking away! It's going to be hard! I just wanted to get other people's opinions about the situation! Thank you!

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