Made out for 40 minutes and he didn't try anything; is he a good guy?

Started seeing this shy guy who asked me out about 2 weeks ago. We've only seen each other a couple of times between then and he did take me out on a movie date and paid if that's relevant. We just don't really text or talk that much unless it's to confirm plans.

Last night, i invited him to meet a friend of mine and her boyfriend and we just played some board games for a few hours. After we left, he came to my room and we ended up making out for about 40 minutes. We've made out (w/ the help of alcohol; both shy and inexperienced) before as we've known each other since October so it wasn't something new.

But i was wondering, if we made out for that long and he didn't try to feel me up or make a move to go further, is that a good sign? I remember i'd touch his stomach/hip area accidentally and he'd literally hold back or flinch back but then would just wrap himself around me harder for a bit.

If he was a player or douchebag, would he have tried to go further with me? Or is it bad that he held back? I dont know what im really thinking here but i know for sure itd be to soon for us to go any further than making out


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  • I think he is shy like you said, and just taking thing slowly. Hopefully he is a good guy, but time is going to tell you. Don't over think it, just take it a step at a time.

    • That's true. But this has been like the 4-5th time we've been alone, and sort of in this situation. So, if he hasn't pulled a move yet then that must mean he's respectful and obviously is thinking right haha... thanks

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    • That is good. be happy about that. Sometime you might even compliment him and say "thank you for just enjoying our time together and not trying to push things." Most guys aren't going to get complimented for that. That will do two things !) tell him you appreciate him and 2) tell him that you DONT want to go further without you having to actually say it.

    • Okay, thank you :) I guess, i just find it awkward when we end the make out session as we just kind of sit or lay in silence and just look at each other or something. haha so i didn't say much after, and then we just made plans for next week

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  • He's a great guy.

  • he's shy but when u are touching him it might make him think u wanna go further but he doesn't because he might not think he's ready or something.


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