Why is our interaction 'dangerous'?

Me and a guy flirted for like a year... I put off dates so he moved on and met a new girl... they were together two years but 8 months into their relationship he sent me something out of the blue, showing he still cared. They split a few months ago.

Now he keeps talking a lot... like if I don't reply as soon as I read it, i'll see him typing and sending multiple messages. We get on and he says I'm endearing and still pretty. I've told him about a recent guy I like whom i'm heartbroke about as we recently cut contact. He gave me advise.

But now he's sent lots of long texts explaining the more we've spoken, the more dangerous he realises it is because he's jealous in a way of this guy, that he wouldn't feel the way he does if he didn't still like me.

I said so if it's dangerous shall we cut contact again? But he said he doesn't want to? That he just needs to keep an eye on it? Huh?

He asked for sexy chat/sexting last night but I refused and said can we just chat as friends. He said o. k... what does he mean by dangerous? And why does he still want to talk if it's' dangerous'?

Helppppp pp


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  • He sounds like a bleeding heart pussy. "Wah! I can't talk to you because my feelings are 'dangerous'"

    Cut the shit, Romeo.

    • So he's saying it's dangerous to him because he's scared of getting hurt? I've explained I only see him as a friend now as i'm still not over the recent guy.

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