What does it mean if he drunk texts me?

Even when he went home for the weekend (2hrs away) and when he went on vacation.


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  • Is this a friend or a lover? When men and women are out drinking it ends up breeding countless opportunities for "hooking up". The fact that, when surrounded with intoxication, he is staring down at his phone sending messages to you says a great deal I believe.

    Rather than engaging those around him in their drunken shenanigans he probably prefers the idea of being around you. You didn't give much information but generally speaking this is the case in these situations

    • lover i guess we can call him. we have have been talking, hanging out hooking up

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    • Heck yeah! Think about it. Out on the town drinking is the ideal place to meet women that are more on the liberal side of living. Now while all of that going on around him he makes a conscience decision to yank out his phone, ignore the hustle and bustle nearby, and drunk texts you.

      I am not a huge fan of getting drunk but I will admit it makes people just that much more honest. Contrary to popular belief, men and women are not all that different. Flip this situation around and imagine yourself out with your girlfriends having fun, drinking and dancing. In the middle of all that you are sitting there on the sidelines messaging a man... now why would you do that? I'd be wiling to bet it's because you have an interest in him over other prospective men.

      In short. Yes he likes you.

    • he drunk texted me after the bar

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