Should I break up with him?

Ok so I started dating a guy just to try and forget my crush but its hard to forget him I love him I don't know what to do 😔 should I break up with the guy I'm dating? I don't know if I should because it seems that this guy I'm dating really likes me but I don't feel the same and I don't want to hurt him.😫 someone please help


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  • End it sooner rather than later and let this be a lesson for future reference. Do not rebound as it is -never- a good idea. The longer this relationship continues this poor fella will just become more and more attached. It won't be fun but break the bad news now and give it some time to blow over.

    The next time you suffer a heartbreak try not to break someone else's heart in exchange, that is cruel in my opinion but I suppose we all deal with emotions in our own way.

    Good luck with the break up! I hope things work out between you and this crush of yours.


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  • It sounds like the longer you keep it going, the more you are going to hurt him and the more you are simply putting off the inevitable.


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  • Break up with him. It's unfair to him to be dating a girl who doesn't have feelings for him.

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