Wheres our relationship heading? Does he like me and want something serious?

He told me he thinks I'm cool to hang out with and that we hit it off. He has been drunk texting me recently, even when he was on vacation. He asked me out on a date, and we've been out a couple times. We have a lot of attraction and have a lot of fun together. We have also hooked up many times now. But I'm just confused as to were its going. I am starting to get strong feelings for him. We currently are far from eachother (two hours) so there's distance, but will be really close in a month. How do I know if he wants something serious?

how can I bring up what we are and how he's feeling, and where he wants to take our relationship


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  • I don't knoww where it is heading


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  • You should really just ask, because right now it sounds like you're a booty call.