Have any advice on dating?

Alright anyone willing to give me some advice as of right now I'm the "kissless virgin". Pathetic story short, got hung up on a crappy friend and now I'm moving on. The picture I have on here is of myself last night.

As of right now I'm living at home with a parent trying to find a new job and put money towards school. So I'm kinda stuck at home right now broke since my last job stopped paying me before I quite. I live in a smallish town about 2 hours from the nearest large city not that long drives are too much for me. Anyway I'm trying out online stuff to see where that goes.


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  • 1. If you got paid with checks then report them to the Department of Labor within your State.

    2. Lose weight, get fit (or fit-ter, you don't need to be a hard body).

    3. Stop looking so depressed. Don't be resentful, just move on and take joy in the things that you do that make you happy. I don't want to tell you to just act happy because that's lame, but maybe if you start realizing what you have then you'll have something to actually be happy about, get what I'm saying?

    4. I suggest going to trade school for something then moving to the city where they need trade guys. You can work independently and dictate your own work days off and fees. If you're not into the college thing then don't waste your time. College is not mandatory for success. If you think it will help with the females it WILL NOT. Only the shallow ones will write you off for not having "an education" and I'm positive those aren't the kind of ladies you want. The one thing you will get out of it is that you would be in close proximity to many young women. However, if you're not truly a ladies man or anything then how exactly is this going to help you? Just saying. Do you really want to pay money for college just to meet women? I don't.

    5. So how can you get a date? Start going out more, on your own, whatever. Find a club. Do volunteering. Be more active in your community. Do you like gaming? Hang out somewhere where you gamers like to go, meet a girl gamer. You a musician? Go to a music shop, etc.

    • I got the money sorted out, still out of a job because of it though and I already planned on culinary school so I'm 1 ahead of you on the trade school stuff. Do I really look depressed? I took the picture around midnight when I was about to go to sleep.

    • Yeah dude lol. It looks like one of those "Fuck my life" moments. Rule of thumb: Don't snap photos when you're dead tired and ready to go to bed.

    • Also, start dressing differently. I used to be a t-shirt and dickies kind of guy too. I get a lot more attention now with tailored slacks and a nice t-shirt or polo. You don't have to go in that direction, I'm a clean-cut kind of guy, but something more crisp and in-mode, that fits...