How long is the ideal time to stay in a relationship?

Like before I jump ship and never contact the person again...


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  • When you feel like it I guess.

    • ... but like... on average..

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  • yeah... if you're thinking that already... don't carry on!

    • i think like that before i even get into the relationship though...

    • maybe you're not ready for a relationship yet

    • i dont want to be alone though... its just that I never plan on marrying or really being in anything serious, but at the same time, i want the exclusivity of a relationship.. but for really short term

  • About thirty minutes with that mindset.

    • mmm... that's not quite long enough to enjoy it though...

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    • because I feel like shit if the person I'm with is seeing other people

    • How about 4 months? Just do 4 months.

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  • I never saw the point of beginning a relationship if it was to think about the date line from the start.
    In my relationship? I don't see a finish line

  • If you really want to get rid of him, just dont wait.

    • I don't want to though.
      I'm really enjoying being with him.
      But I feel like things tend to go sour at a certain point and I want out before that happens.

    • Sweetie just feel and live the moment! If you always think about the end of something, you can't enjoy from nothing

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