My ex (who I'm still in love with and he is currently single) has a twin brother that looks exactly like him. His twin brother has a gf for 2 years. My best friend just told me she likes his twin brother. She said please help her. What do I do now his twin brother already has a gf!! I have no idea what to do?


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  • Tough sit... Good luck


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  • Hey! :)

    Whilst it is tempting to help your best friend, you're not obligated to do so. Especially since you said that you're still in love with your ex and the fact that they're identical twins...
    Maybe your best friend was hinting that you set her up with your ex since his twin brother already has a girlfriend...
    It's not your position to help her. What you decide to do is up to you but ask yourself this first. Are you comfortable with her dating your ex or his twin brother?

    Good luck! :)

    • Exactly. I'm in a stuck position here. If she's emotionally attracted to his twin, he already has a gf. If she's physically attracted to his twin, I'm still in love with my ex... My best friend means the world to me, that's why I don't know what to do. If it's just another girl I would ignore already...
      I'd say I'm definitely not comfortable with her dating my ex for sure, since I still love him and he knows it and he knows she's my best friend. On the other hand, it'd be wrong to feel comfortable with her dating his twin since I know so well he has a gf for 2 years already and how much they love each other... Besides, it'd feel super weird if she's with someone looking exactly like my ex...

    • Honestly, I understand your predicament. This is such an annoying situation to be stuck in. But just be honest with her. Tell her that you still have feelings for your ex and that you're not comfortable about the idea of her dating your ex or his twin brother. It's not fair on you. You shouldn't be obliged to help her out especially since you don't feel comfortable. If she was a good friend then she would understand. If she doesn't, then she obviously doesn't deserve your friendship.

      I can share with you one thing I've learned though. People who you really think are your best friends, may just be good weather friends. So it's okay to be a little selfish and put your feelings first. :)

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