How do I get him back?

This guy has liked me and asked me to prom but I had just gotten broken up with after a year long relationship so I just wasn't ready to date just yet when he asked me out so I said no but I did want to date him but I just needed some time and he said he understood but he just told me he wants to talk to someone else now but we are still going to prom together as friends but I really want to date him still what do I do?


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  • Have you talked to him? Maybe if you tell him, he'll want to date you instead of talking to the other girl. but if you have told him already and that is when he said he wants to talk to someone else then this is what I think:

    Even though he asked you out before he started talking to her, it seems she is really his first choice. Are you sure you want to date him if you're not even his first choice. If you were his first choice he wouldn't be talking with the other girl. You can't change his mind and you shouldn't have to if he really did want to date you. And if you did somehow manage to change his mind and get him to date you, don't you think he would at least wonder what if he were dating the other girl, maybe consider dating both and keeping one a secret? You shouldn't be an option to him, you should be his ONLY choice. A lot of guys on here might oppose to this point of view.

    • I did tell him that I did want to date him before and actually liked him and he said he was talking to this other girl but didn't really like her and I found out from other that this other girl is currently talking to this other guy and plans to leave him after prom so he technically isn't talking to anyone I guess

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    • When you ask him out and its just you two, make sure it's something both of you guys would be comfortable doing, going to the movies is one of the most common dates because of this. then follow it up with dinner someplace, not fancy, but not mcdonalds (unless thats all you got money for), the movie will give you something to talk about if the conversations aren't flowing and you guys hit awkward pauses.

    • Thank you so much! I'll ask him about it sometime this week:) we are still friends at least

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  • Hard sit... Good luck


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  • tell him exactly that. you weren't ready for a relationship and now you are