If you want a guy to ask you on a date?

Will you turn down potential "hang out" opportunities? Like if you have no plans and he asks you last minute if you want to join him and a friend for drinks or something, will you turn it down anyway to hold out for a legit date?


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  • Hey! :)

    Oh, this is a hard question. Honestly, we can't do anything but merely speculate what she thinks. There are two possible scenarios to be honest.


    She either doesn't like you in that way, so is not really interested in spending time with you.



    She may actually be waiting for you to ask her out on a proper date; like just you and her and not your friend.

    Personally, if I like a guy, I wouldn't really turn down potential opportunities to hang out with him but every female is different. Sorry, we're rather hard to understand, haha!

    Good luck! :)

    • It's okay. I mean she is pretty responsive with the text messages. Definitely more so than most women I know, and whenever I see her for/after class we seem to get along fairly well. But on more than one occasion now I've asked her to hang out with me and some friends and she was either busy or had some reason why she couldn't.

      The only time we hung out outside class was at one point she suggested we could get together to study and I said sure and got together a group study session with a couple other people from the class. But aside from that, nadda. Just not sure what's up.

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    • It's possible... I mean she could be attracted to you but if she has a boyfriend, it only makes sense that she turns the opportunities to hang out with you down.

    • I feel like if she just wanted to be friends, why does it seem like every time I ask her to do something that I would invite my friends to she's not up for it. And if she doesn't want to be friends, whats with all the texting and after class banter?

      It's like last night I was about to have some drinks with a buddy and I asked her what she was up to. When she said probably staying in I told her me and a friend were going to have some drinks and such so she was free to join if she wanted. She said it sounded like fun but she declined to stay in and see her parents since she just got home from spring break. I thought it was odd cause why not just say that in the first place when I asked if she was doing anything that night?

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  • i heard it's not uncommon for girls to do that, they will often flake on the guy or cancel plans on him in the beginning, they say it's because the girls are "subconsciously" testing the guy for neediness, desperation, as annoying and frustrating it is.