Were we on a date/dating?

I had a very close friend back in the day. She knew I had feelings for her. On a few occasions during the time I knew her we went out to dinner.

On one occasion that I can still remember fairly well she seemed more dressed up than when I normally saw her. During the night I remember a couple times she made suggestions of future plans like at one point we drove past this higher end Asian fusion restaurant and I said I always wondered how it was then she said she had been there before and we had to go some time. When we were walking outside she was pretty close and bumped into me a few times. I don't remember what it was like dropping her off or anything but I do remember while driving home she texted me to tell me how wonderful a time she had.

I had never really saw it as a date because she knew how I felt and if something had changed she would have said something right? Or was I just being totally oblivious?


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  • in my opinion I think you might have been a little oblivious. Some women aren't very foward about what they want. I think she was attempting to play it cool thinking that if you had feelings for her you would approach her about furthering things.

    • But I had in the past. She knew how I felt about her already. It was clear. If she wanted more she knew i wasn't going to reject her so why not just say so?

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    • I know exactly what you mean. Its hard putting your emotions out there especially if she rejected you. You'd put yourself out there so if she was waiting for you to make the next move she shouldn't have been because it was her time to take a chance and be vulnerable. Do you to have contact anymore?

    • No eventually I stopped wanting to date her and we had a falling out. It's been a couple years since I've talked or seen her. I was talking with a friend recently though about it and he said it sounded like we were dating which made me wonder about it.

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  • Don't lose hope.. I think you're on the verge os something great here

    • This is a long time ago. It stalled multiple times and eventually we had a falling out. I haven't talked to her in over 2 years. I was just talking to a friend about it recently and he said it sounded like we were dating to him. So it made me wonder.

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