Does my friends ex boyfriend like me?

We've always been close and it used to get on his ex girl friends nerves. Now now they've broken up and he's been very touchy with me. We hungout the other day and he kept saying 'if you were my girl friend I'd never let you cook' (I'm horrible in the kitchen) and 'I'd get so annoyed if you were my girl friend because you're a vegetarian' he cooked me dinner. Then we cuddled and shit. It felt really nice because I've never done that before and he was sweet like always. But he dated my friend and I don't want to be one of those girls. But he's so nice and I think he likes me. What do I do?


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  • He likes you. Ask your friend if she still has feelings for him. Tell her how you feel and if she's ok with it then you should go for it. Of course if your friend isn't over him yet you should wait until she's over him before you go for him because you don't want to ruin your friendship with her. Good luck! :)


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  • If you truly value your friendship, don't, I repeat DON'T DO IT. Dating a friend's ex is always trouble, and is as taboo as dating your friends sibling (though more so). A friendship is more important than a romantic relationship, especially under 18. Your friend will feel resentment towards you in any case unless she didn't like him at all (though she obviously did because she was jealous of your relationship with her then-boyfriend). However even if she didn't like her boyfriend, she will be jealous that he liked you more or that you have him now. It's human nature.

    Your friend wants support after a breakup, and the worst way to NOT show support is to date the ex. It doesn't matter how long after the breakup it is- old feelings will always be brought up, and your friend will look at you in s totally different way because instead of being there for her you went off with her boyfriend. That may not be what happened or what you meant to do, but that is how she will perceive it, and after that I doubt the friendship will last long.

    My point: DO NOT DATE YOUR FRIEND's EX. If you are close to this friend, it'll most likely wreck/end your relationship with her. And if you aren't close or don't really care, you'll be looked at by other people as a tramp or far worse things because you went after your friends ex. Don't do it. BAD IDEA BAD IDEA BAD IDEA.

    *did I stress it enough?