Guy code... who can explain my bf to me?

My bf is the funny never serious never emotional type. I love him dearly. I constantly let him know how I feel I am very into feelings and he isn't. So it's hard to know if he truly cares about me. I question him sometimes bc he doesn't say more then I love you and I miss you. Once he told me I was the one but now if I ask if I still am he says he guesses I am but doesn't wanna jynx it by talking about it. Is that a cop out or excuse? He drives to see me and spends a couple nights hanging out with me. But he never does flowers or sweet messages. I ask him and he says he cares ab me a lot that just isn't him. Does he love me or is he just making excuses?


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  • Time equals money. Thus, if he spends time with you, he sees value in you; he is investing his "money" in you. He may not be into sending cute messages to you because it's not him. If he does it, it won't be genuine. Flowers die, and it's kind of a waste. I think deep down he does love you; otherwise, why drive and see you?

    • That's exactly what he says he says why would I spend all this time with u and drive and etc if I don't wanna be with u.

    • I understand your perspective because you don't know unless someone tells you. We all like a little reassurance. However, read his body language. Look at the way he looks at you; look at his expression when he looks at you. Then, you will know.

    • Thanks !!! Your totally right !!

  • Sounds like he is getting what he wants so there is no problems. Answering your questions and talking about it only hurts the fact that you are easy to get.

    You settled for a guy who only sees you as not important enough to treat well. What do you want. The way it sounds you are cheaper than a working girl. Think about it.


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