I have bad luck with men?

I summarize it all, I have the worst luck with men. In person, it's a bloody miracle if a guy even remotely looks my way -- let alone even talks to me. So I decided to try online dating. I've had a profile for a good month now -- yah I heard online dating for a woman was "easy" but trust me, it's not! My profile has been up for a month, and after a week no one was messaging me -- so then I took the initiative and messaged people. No replies. Soooooo what can I do? I don't think I'm horrendous looking, I'm a sweet girl, I like to laugh, I'm funny. I feel like I have this force field that repels men away from me. (Maybe I'm boring?)


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  • media.giphy.com/media/dka1qPtHGpKNO/giphy.gif

    BoS knight will just look at you. . .

    Anyway your SPECIAL is here

    Strength: 6
    Perception: 7
    Endurance: 5
    Charisma: 6
    Intelligence: 9
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 0


    Remember your SPECIAL, you can't really change it

    No luck? No problem, you just need to use the right tactics. . . fallout tactics


  • why don't you boost your confidence then?

    if you're trying online dating better be honest about yourself... although just to let you know, online dating isn't successful most of the times :-/

  • My friend used a medically deformed girl in an online dating experiment and this girl got 50 messages per day in online dating. Modern dating is a joke for women. Literally pick of the litter from hundreds upon hundreds of thirsty men

    get over yourself princess and lower your hypergamous standards

    • How can I have a standard when I don't have anyone wanting to even start a conversation with me?

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    • Will you continue to pay attention to me? plz? :)

  • You're 23 and you are not ugly by amy means. You just need to open up to the world a little more.

  • Not sure why you don't have guys looking in your direction based on your profile pic.


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  • What site is it? Did you put down your likes and what you are looking for? I got a lot of responses but not the kind I wanted lol.

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