What do you guys think of this supernatural text message about this guy?

Hi Everyone. So this is a complicated story. There is this guy I met in August 2013. I felt he was my future spouse and I dont know why. He even admitted I was the only girl who tolerated his sexual expressions andjust ignored him about it. He came to my house and we hanged out it. He seemed interested and found me attractive. Then he said he is not interested in me. When he lost his job later that year I was very supportive to him as a friend.

Come July 2014 I see him again, I contacted him because I was dealing with some issues and wanted to talk to someone. He again, restated that we just hook up and nothing more. He has a girlfriend right now. He showed me a side of him he probablly never shows anyone else. his true self, not even his girlfriend Im sure about that.

The creepiest part is in March 2014. I was texting about him to one of my friends and I put my phone down for legit 30 seconds pick it back up to text something and I get a text message saying.

"Outside. and he's so motivational
good marriage in India.

The guy has a whole acre of family in india back home. He is studying to get is therapist license. Counseling are usually motivational fields.

It puzzles me because I beleive in spirits and messages. To get a full blown message sentence after sentence about him just blows my mind. I was clearly texting about him to my friend and I suddenly recieved a message like that.

What do you guys think and make of this? I d like to know. Thanks Guys


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  • Try the delve deeper and find out where it came from.

    • I did its nothing, this has no trace

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    • Girlfriend or not. Doesn't matter. Life has a funny way of being people together.

    • Oops bringing