Is he trying to distance himself?

So some quick background: This guy and I have been friends for a few months and we have finally taken the next step. He is pretty much my boyfriend but its not official.

For our first kiss (kind of a make out session), I think we were both kind of nervous and it didn't go all that well. Since then, he has kissed me, but we haven't tried to make out again. Usually we hang out in my room between classes and cuddle on my bed, but the other day we went to my room and he sat in the chair while I sat on my bed and we talked for most of the time (which was still good because I love just talking with him). He got on my bed for a little while but we didn't cuddle like usual.

Do you think he doesn't want to make out with me again or am I just over thinking it?


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  • If he is, I don't think it's a bad sign. You don't have to cuddle every time. Maybe he's just trying to get to know you more, and get comfortable

    • Yeah. Its just not what usually happens. And we know a lot about each other. We have been just friends for months and we can talk about almost anything.