What do I do when I tell her I like her?

Okay I need some help! There's this girl who I totally like, and have for a while. We talk all the time at school and after school, and I know she doesn't just think of me as just a friend and I'm pretty confidant that she likes me back, so sooner or later I'm going to end up telling her I like her (aka once the stars align and I get some guts) but the thing is I've never told a girl I like her before, so I have no idea what I'm doing! When I tell her, does that mean we are dating or what? Like what's the difference of telling her I like her, and asking her out? And when would these two things happen? What do I do when I tell her I like her? Because if you ask someone how do I tell her they'll say dude just tell her, but there's never anything about what you say after! If you can't tell I'm pretty nervous about this, and I'm not really too much of a confidant guy, so please help me out here! Any opinions are appreciated thank you!!


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  • Well, you could just tell her... I know we've been friends for awhile, and I've come to really like you a lot. Then ask her if she wants to go out with you, like dinner and a movie. Actions can speak just as loud as words.

    Or you can just see a movie together if your budget doesn't allow you both. After you say I like you, dating sort of comes afterward. showing interest in spending more time with her, gives you an edge too.

    If you can't do it face to face, write her a letter and tell her you've always been a little shy and let her know how you feel. Ask her to meet up some time and maybe get her a single flower with the note to be sweet or romantic.

    If you feel this is something you wouldn't do, it's best to find your own way of letting her know. But also remember, a face to face encounter will leave her with answering you right away, rather then think about it.

    • So I get her to go somewhere with me, and then at the end I tell her her I like her? So let's say I do that, are we technically 'dating'? Or do I need to ask her out later? Thanks for your response by the way!

    • Well, if you both say "I like you" to each other then you are dating. It's up to you when you want to ask her on an official date. Maybe you both are busy and can't go right away. You can ask her after you tell her.

      In some scenarios you may already be dating because you've made out and kissed exclusively with each other. You also spent time together but never said I like you or made it official. In which case I think the "I like you" should come first normally.

      You just have to know that you need to find a place for you two to be alone together, so you can tell her.

      I know it's difficult, but once you start officially dating it'll be worth it.

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  • You should tell her taht you like her, and use that moment and ask her out. If you back out after just telling her that you like her, it'll make you seem like a pussy and then she'll never date you

  • Just ask her out first. If she agrees try to make the day as intimate as possible. At some point in the day, preferably when you two head ur separate ways tell her you like her and ask if you could be her bf