Continuation of my previous question... help?

This guy, i'll call him Kado haha just to be safe.. anyways the other day we were talking and teasing each other and then it got to a level where i thought he was flirting with me but i wasn't sure so i just continued teasing him and then we started joking about fighting cos he was like his stronger than me and i'm like "imma be steppin all you him soon" and we just kept going back and forth.. nek minut, he's like "after imma cuddle you" and i froze cos i didn't know how to respond to that but then i'm just like i ain't about that life!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh i felt so frustrated and annoyed after i wrote that like dafuq? whyyy? nooooo!!!
anyways he was like why? and i had to make up a bullshit story of how everything else is on top of cuddling and all that other ish!!! how can we go back to that moment? i don't want him to think i friendzoned him 0.0


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  • English translation?


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