So what would one do in this situation (Ask girl out, she says doesn't want relationship, still go out, have a great time, really like her)?

So before I go into details, I would have to point out that this girl and I don't really know each other.

I asked her out and she said she would love to but then a couple days later she told me she felt that she should tell me that she wasn't looking for a relationship but she would still like to hang out.

So we go out and we had fun (or at least I did. All in all, I thought it went smoothly. She said she could only stay an hour but she ended up staying 2.

Anyways, we were heading back and I was like, well I'm gonna go this way now, I had a good time! And she's tells me that I should walk a different route because she was just down this other street (I think its a good sign? because it means she wanted to spend more time with me?)

Anyways, we hug (awkwardly) and then part.

Now here's the thing. I really like her but she did say she didn't want a relationship and Im totally lost. This is actually my first time asking out a girl so that doesn't really help (Ive never really felt the desire/interest)!

I sent her a message telling her that I had a good time and what I hope is that if thats mutual, she would suggest we do it again sometime.

And Im also unsure when she said she didn't want a relationship right now, it could mean several things:
a) She didn't want a relationship right now (WITH ME)
b) She doesn't want a relationship right now (in general)
c) She doesn't really know me so she wanted to hang out first which is obviously a given cuz no one starts a relationship after a first date but yea.

Anyways. I would just like some input/suggestions on what I should do.


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  • She doesn't want a relationship in general, but she enjoys spending time with you... chances are it won't be exclusive unless she changes her mind, but you'd have to be willing to wait around for that or you settle for hanging out casually knowing that she's not committed to you etc. Depends on what you want.. can you handle the idea of her hanging out with others guy the same way? If not then you need to distance yourself from her.


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  • Honestly I think its fairly easy to read a guy who's inexperienced in dating and, no offense honestly but guys like you have a tendency to become lovesick puppies too quick. She was making it clear from the jump she wasn't interested in a relationship so take it at face value. It could be you, could be her in general, who knows but if you really like her be patient, don't smother and give it a few more dates before you're 100% sure you really want a relationship with her.


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  • I think her interest level in you is just not high enough.

    Also, here my handy dandy woman's language translator :
    "I'm not ready for a relation ship or I'm not looking for a relationship" all mean the same thing = "I haven't found the one that could convince me and it not you"

    I feel like she's just being nice and is leading you on (even if she didn't mean to)

    Then again, girls are know to be flaky as fuck and don't know what they want. You can ask her again ONE MORE TIME and if she reject you again, don't waste your time anymore.