Is this age difference ok?

I want to go back out with my recent ex and she does too, she's 20 and I'm 16... Am I making a good choice and is this age difference Ok?

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  • There must be some compatable things going on for you two to want to spend more time together, but where I live, your relationship would be illegal. If you two bring out the best in each other, and there aren't any real problems, go for it!


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  • The age gap (4 years) is fine. But you are still a teenager, and she's not, which is not okay, you have some growing up to do and obviously so does she.. When your 23 and you S/O is 27 its not a big deal, but there's a problem here.

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      What's the problem? Tell me I'm intrigued to hear the predicament in this situation.

    • I didn't mean to ruin your day hunny. The point is this, you're still in high school, she's not. It's going to cause problems as you mature and she does. What happens when your 17 and she's 21 and is going to bars/clubs etc with her friends and you can't? It's going to cause jealousy issues. The age gap isn't a problem, it's the age at which the gap is.

    • I know that she will, but I'm not the kinda guy that gets jealous like that, my studies keep me involved and keep my mindset on not making destructive decisions

  • i really don't get why people stress over age difference so much. personally, i think it's more than just okay to be with someone older than you and even i thought it wasn't okay, if you thought it was then you should go for it, no matter what anyone says!

  • I think it depends on your maturity level and how much you guys have in common. For me age has never been an issue. I dated a guy 3 years younger than me and i had no problems with him.

    • Thank you very much!! We have a great deal in common (except music choice) and I felt fulfilled when we were together.

    • I read all the below comments and they make a lot of sense. However, I'm someone who lives by the day and even if i don't make a wise decision which i could possibly regret later, it's fine; i'll handle it then. So if being with her makes you happy, don't worry about the age gap.

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  • at your age ya...

    its a big deal when one hasn't passed the teenage years.

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