Question directed to gay men. Please read?

I'm a gay transgender man and I'm worried that there's a unspoken rule book I'm not aware of on ways to be affectionate without being "girly"
Is there such a thing as manly and unmanly affection? I just don't want to risk being called or treated like I'm "too feminine" for another guy. I don't know how better to explaine it. Please reply.


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  • Well. I feel I'm not gay. In the sense that i could only truly love a female. That's just me, but i do however find men attractive... not in the face so much as everything below the neck.. but im Attracted to all genders and sexualities. Bdsm plays a Big part of my life and as a switch, i can say that there will always be a manly and unmanly type of affection. I feel it really just depends on your view of things;)

    • That seriously didn't help in the least

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    • That actually helpful. Thanks

    • Your welcome^_^

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