Go for the second date kiss or no?

I had the first date with a girl today.
We did have strong eye contact, but sometimes she would look away for seconds.
Her body was leaning toward me.
Her body language was very positive.
She was playing with a paper wrap of a straw with her hands, probably out of nervousness.
She smiled a lot and laughed sometimes.
We looked at each other and just giggled when conversations stopped for seconds.
I did notice she was touching her lips but not really often.
she was playing with her hair.
She told me to text her when I get back home.

I know most people go for the 1st date or the 2nd date kiss, but I'm not really sure if I should or not.. After all I don't want to rush (though I feel like Im) , but at the same time I do not want to miss the timing.


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  • Go for it!!! Don't wait too long or she will wonder what the problem is

    • people is telling me I'm going too fast on how I feel about her and that it might scare her off. personally I really believe kissing bonds people with very strong emotions. I'm really confused of what it really means to kiss someone.

  • Well if she already really likes u then go for it but if ur still kinda new to each then u can hold off

    • We met online

    • YA then I'd say get to know her more unless she shows CLEAR signs that she wants u to kiss her

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