Could she not be into me like that anymore?

I'm dating this girl that had never had a boyfriend. She is cool we have a great time together. A couple of months ago she had been acting a little strange like she doesn't want to talk or anything. I try everything to make her feel comfortable but it seems like it's not working. She is kinda shy and quiet I like to talk and I try everything to make a conversation with her but she just hold back sometimes and now we barely have anything to talk about. She says that she loves me but I'm public she acts like we are friends. I don't know what do any more I kinda want to break up with her because I feel like we are holding each other back? What do you guys think?


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  • if in public she acts like you are friends it's only cause she is shy. I personaly have low aptience with slow/shy/introverted people and I wouldn't be able to date one. So if you can, keep on trying to make it work but if you are anything like me, you won't be happy in that relationship. But mostly I think you need to tell her openly what you think and how you FEEL. And conclude with yourself what to do. Say to her if she keeps acting like that that you feel like she doesn't care for you and that you then think about braking up...


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