My girlfriend is on her phone ALL the time?

Do I have a right to be annoyed by it? I've made it pretty clear to her how much it irks me. I just don't understand how she can be on her phone literally all day (she doesn't have a job right now) while I'm gone at work, during which she tells me how much she misses me and how bored and miserable she is without me. Then when I actually am home and we're hanging out, she's still on it just as much and when she finally sets it down somewhere, she still has to constantly keep an eye on it and drop everything if someones texts her.

I feel like I give her 100% of my attention while she maybe gives me 10% of hers. And when she's typing or something, I'm ignored til she's done 'cause multitasking is impossible for her I suppose. Part of the reason she's on is so much is tumblr. She has a mildly popular (porn) blog at nearly 5k followers, who often ask her questions and such. I just feel like she values them and her phone more than she does me and it just makes me feel like shit and unwanted. I treat her like a princess and I feel like I'm a sideshow for the main attraction--her phone.

What can I doooo? Help :(


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  • Yea that would be really annoying. I would sit her down and talk to her, maybe make it really clear that her being on her phone really irks you and hurts your feelings. Ask her if she could maybe work on being on her phone or her blog while you're gone at work, and then when you come home, for her to put it away and spend time with you.

    • She knows it annoys me and believe me, I make it known to her almost every time she gets on it while we're together. She said she doesn't understand why it annoys me. She said she'd rather be on her phone than with me and not doing much. Granted, there isn't a LOT to do at home, but it seems like she doesn't even wanna do the things we could be doing... watching netflix, playing games or with the cats. I just feel like since she's so obsessed with her phone, she'd much rather be on it than doing anything else anyways... meh.

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    • Yea I guess that's hard when you don't really have much to spend, it just sounds like maybe you guys need to get out and about a little bit, maybe try and do things that don't cost any money, just go for a walk, or take a trip to the beach (my guess though is where ever you are it's freezing right now, so this is a crappy option If you're anywhere in the north)
      Make a date night at home, cook dinner together or something. Just something new maybe

    • Thanks for your advice. I'll try some of what you said and also try to think of some more things to keep both of us busy and having enough fun that hopefully she won't even think of getting on her phone.

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  • Yeah, I'd be annoyed too


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  • Yeah that'd piss me off