He invited me to his house (4th date) to watch a movie - how should I act?

So I met this guy online, we starting talking a month ago, we already had three dates in person (we had dinner, coffee and went to the movies at the third time). We get along really well, it's like I've known him for all my entire life, he's a very serious and he respects me, a lot!

We never hold hands, we never kissed or hugged. I only gave him a kiss on his cheak. What do you guys think that he expects on this date? I would love, love to kiss him but at the same time I don't want to screw things up.

Sorry for the bad English writing! :$


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  • No idea what he is expecting. Doesn't matter. He's probably wondering the same thing you are -- should I kiss her?

    If you want to kiss him, do it and you will find out what you want to know.

    • Well that's true, I'll never know untill I actually try it... The problem is that we are still knowing each other better, we are far away to being ready to a seriou relationship, you know? I'm just afraid that the kiss will change something. But you're right, gotta go for it, I guess. Thank you.

    • It will change something. You will probably start kissing each other a lot. But it sounds like you are hoping for something to change. A kiss does not mean a serious relationship. It doesn't mean you can't have dates with others. It just means you felt like kissing him at that moment.

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  • Step it up girl.. you most have a kiss in this date.. if not.. say goodbye.. you know what you should have your kiss in the 3rd date.. but it's ok.. go for it..


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  • You should act like always.

    • So I let the decision of the kiss to him?

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    • He studies at the same university as I do, and we already went out 3 times, but yes, I'll definitly be carefull, sex it's too much, I share your opinion! Thank you :)

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